Spar Market Eder in Mayrhofen

The history of our company goes back to ca. 1890 and a small bakery - which explains our signature name of “Beckn” (baker). After the First World War, new trends emerged with the economic boom of the day, sparking another business idea in Gottfried Eder: a fizzy drink factory, which went into operation in 1920.

His son, Johann Eder, took over the business in 1926 together with his wife, Juliane, which they managed with great enthusiasm.
After the hard times of the 2nd World War had passed, the no longer lucrative bakery was closed. The former shop was turned into a small grocery store, thereby laying the foundation stone for our modern supermarket of today.

In 1962, it was time to hand the business down to the next generation. Hans Eder and his wife, Trude, took over the hard-won business from his parents. Tourism flourished, and with it the demand for soda water and fizzy drinks. Consequently, the beverage production facility was relocated to the outskirts of town and the grocery store extended in 1980.

The partnership with Spar Handels AG was established on 2nd January 1991. Our shop was then completely renovated and the product range extended. In the following year of 1992, the helm was passed to today’s owner/manager Michael Eder and his wife, Roswitha, to steer the business into the future. A well-stocked local grocery store with retail space of around 260 m² in the heart of Mayrhofen came into being.

Time, however, does not stand still and our small store could not always cope with the demands placed on it during the high winter season, resulting in the ground-breaking ceremony for our current Spar Supermarkt in 2011. After careful planning, our new shop premises came into being and we were able to open a new, modern grocery store with 550m² of retail space, where we strive to make your shopping experience a truly memorable one.

We, the Eder Family and our great team, look forward to welcoming you!


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